Ggio Vega


This is actually a commission to be done for Londons MCM Expo in Oct 09. Thought it'd be nice to post it's progress so people can see how it's made. Quite tempted to do him myself one day after making this now though!
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Series Bleach
Character Ggio Vega

Latriea Thank you so much!im glad you like it!its a paper mache base and all the bright colours afterwards are bits of plasticine that i used to build up the facial features.then its just coated with another layer of paper mache!very simple and lightweight!i posted a full tutorial in the forums for people if you want to know more!

Kirtash80 Wow your mask is awesome!It looks identical to the original!I love it! What kind of materials did you use?I think the base is of newspaper but you painted it of a lot of colors after? Very awesome work!*-*