Aina Sakhalin

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

@Android raptor
Since I was tired of failing epically at trying to cosplay Ghinius, I decided Aina might be a helluva lot easier to pull off while I attempt to improve my cosplay skills. I managed to throw together an approximation of the outfit she wears in Duty and Ideals, and bought a wig that I swear is Jesus. Elora wigs supposedly do not take to dye much, yet this thing sucked it up like a magnet.

I didn't get any pics from Momo unfortunately, so all I have to post are some pics I took recently to show off the wig. Will add moar someday when I stop sucking at making sure I get pics of things :|
@Android raptor
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Series Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Character Aina Sakhalin

Hopie Beautiful Aina! =D

kinjutsu Aw, you did Aina this year? Awesome! The color of your wig came out great

kandiychan I know! What are the odds of two Ainas? Not a lot of people have even seen it. I love the Romeo and Juliet theme it has :3