FlautistDrop as Shiki Misaki

Shiki Misaki

The World Ends with You

Cosplayer: FlautistDrop
First costume I ever made! It was super comfy and easy to move around in, minus the fear of panty shots. Here's a breakdown of the costume:

Jacket: Made out of yellow corduroy and white twill. The drawstrings are regular white shoe strings.

Skirt: Modified pair of green utility shorts from American Eagle. I nearly died when I saw it in the store. Buttons painted with silver acrylic paint.

Camis: Pink and black ones bought at local stores and folded up.

Belt/Bag: Made out of brown denim. The belt is detachable from the bag via giant snaps. The silver button designs were these giant silver buttons I found at Hancocks.

Hat: Brown hat bought on discount at Macys and modified with white twill glued on top.

Boots: Pair of generic slouchy knee-high boots that I had bought a while ago for casual wear. Yellow strips are yellow electric tape.

Wristband: Made of yellow corduroy. Same fabric as jacket.

Necklace: Crafted out of silver Fimo. The one I'm wearing in this photoshoot is actually the third one I've made. The first two were rather...crappy.

Wig: Burgundy Ally Wig from cosworx. Styled by me. The flippy stuff in the back is all held by hairspray.

Mr. Mew: Modified a Moogle plushie pattern I found online (unfortunately, I can't seem to find the link to it). He's made out of black fleece and white felt and is entirely hand sewn!