Celes Chere

Final Fantasy VI



Thank you Elemental for the wonderful photoshoot! <3333
Hey um...I finished this, what?(I so wanna remake. :c) Took me forever to work on it. XD It's love though.
Lots of time consuming details.
Inspiration was just that FFVI is amazing and TerraFire loves Terra, so I decided to make Celes. I wanted to make it a detailed mishmash of the green "body" bathing suit and then my own view of what her outfit should be. I hope people recognize me. x.x
Wig: Obsession from Amphigory in a mixed color (I think it's #96). Then braided in sections, with brushed out curls in the back. Ribbons tied in.
Headpiece: Necklace then tied on ribbon and beads.
Green suit: (almost) Stretch material, used a bathing suit pattern I got for $5 since it was...January. XD Painted on with acryllics.
Corset: Blue fabric with interfacing support, no boning, ties up the back and fringe is sewn into the top.
Gold belt: TerraFire gave it to me, which I added two ribbons with medallions and then a hankerchief tied on to put my sword through.
Green belt: Bought from Goodwill, various necklaces and beads connected with tying and just using clasps. Various fabrics are hemmed and tied.
Necklaces: Made with ribbons, and attached beads and pendants.
Armor: Craft foam with puffy paint, spray painted and then weathered with light grey. Danglies are for curtains. XD Velcro attached in front and back.
Cape: Fabric I found on sale and nearly pissed my pants in heavenly excitement at its gorgeousness. Pleated, hemmed and then sewn into green thing.
Boots: Black boot spray painted with various kerchiefs, ribbon and necklaces sewn in.
Bracelets: A collection of stuff I had and made. One side is green and gold stuff. The other arm is blue and white.
Earrings: That which a friend made for me. I wore them for Gau, too.
Sword: Oak training sword, spray painted, puffy paint in details. Other stuff super glued on.
Eyebrows: Glue, and then a light tan painted on.
If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. C:


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Francesca C. wow,that's nice!

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