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I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and there is absolutely no doubt that if the Sorting Hat had a go at me I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw, a house that values knowledge and cleverness above all other attributes. I absolutely love wearing this costume and showing off my Ravenclaw pride.

When I first made this costume in 2005 it was almost impossible to find merchandise for any of the houses other than Gryffindor and Slytherin; I've slowly upgraded this costume over the years as Ravenclaw items became more readily available. Originally there were no official robes made for Ravenclaw, so I made my own with heavy black bottomweight fabric and a thin blue velvet for the lining, and a fan-made house crest patch which I bought online. I used my own graduation robe as a pattern and hand sewed the entire thing which was tedious as all get-out. As a result I got mind-numbingly bored and messy and the entire cloak ended up with the most disgusting stitching and seams I'd ever done on anything. Since it was lined it was hard to tell from the outside, but it didn't even come close to my normal standards as a novice cosplayer. The skirt is my high school tennis skirt and the shirt is a button up work shirt I had in my closet. The tie I got directly from the British seller who made them for the movies in 2005 since you could not get Ravenclaw ties in the U.S. at the time and the ones they did sell all had those inaccurate house crests on the bottom. A black wig and some blue ribbons for my hair rounded off my 1.0 student robes; I added the Ravenclaw sweater around 2008 when official ones were available. Despite the shoddy workmanship on the robe, I got five good years out of it before they finally started making official Ravenclaw robes in 2010, the same year I got a sewing machine. The official robes were just as good as any I would make, so I just bought a Ravenclaw robe and threw the one I made in the recycling pile. The new robe completed the 2.0 version of the costume which I now wear.


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