Robin Sena

Witch Hunter Robin



For my sis.

This has to be the cheapest costume I've ever made (yet - Kouichi might beat it out). It cost between 8 and 10 dollars, thanks to my sis borrowing a friend's black prom dress to wear under the blouse and jumper. She said it was a little tight (oops...), but besides that, it was comfortable. And my favorite part? Using plastic forks for the hair. ^_~

Unfortunately, this one has been retired. I would have liked to add in some more details, like the necklace, and fix the cuffs on the sleeves, not to mention make the dress and have a wig, lol. But not bad for one of my first anime costumes.

*Officially considered retired once I got a good look at how the years (and my handling) have treated it, despite the fact that I now have a black dress, lol.


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Series Witch Hunter Robin
Character Robin Sena


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