Parasite Nurse

Silent Hill 1



Well, after finally playing 1, I not only want to make a Lisa but I want to do one of these gals as well! I like the blonde blue sweater the best, and Alessa already rocked the green Brunette so I thought heck why not! I will use my Lisa dress, make a new hat, get new shoes and use the wig that would have been my Lisa one had I not butchered it. I might make an Origins Lisa since this wig is now cut perfectly for that lol...Definitely not a priority as I want to finish the characters I'm making that look younger before doing ones that can be older, but eventually I'll get it done.


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Series Silent Hill 1
Character Parasite Nurse


LainoftheWired That's awesome! No one ever does the SH1 nurses, and they were so cool! Good luck with it!