World of Warcraft



Auriaya, raid boss from Ulduar.

aka, Crazy cat lady.

I spent way too much time and money on this costume.

Wig- premium line, L-22 in gold. I was really very pleased with this. It shipped ultra fast. My own family and everyone at the convention kept asking me if it was my own hair.

Body paint- Ben Nye yellow (FP-108) as a base with Sun Yellow (LX-61) lumiere luxe shimmer powder over top. Sealed with Mehron barrier spray. I was pleased with how well the paint held up- it went all day for the most part. It wore a little on my forehead where I kept pushing my synthetic hair out of my eyes. lol. It always stayed on very well- It came off on my mace because I was constantly holding it all day, but didn't come off on other people or my souvenirs.

Necklace- Just plain old fabric on the choker, with a loop and button on the back. The body of it is a foamy embellished with sequins and trim. Originally, I interfaced the choker and it was horrible uncomfortable so I took it all out.

Shoulders- Model magic and fabric. Sealed with clear acrylic spray paint. Runner is just hemmed fabric, with the gathers held in place by a couple of stitches and attached to the pauldrons themselves with hot glue. The shoulders kept slipping forward out of place. needs more reinforcement to somehow keep them in place- maybe clear plastic straps under the arms?

Dress- I originally had a pattern and had every intention of doing this the right way. It did not go down like that. Don't ask me why. The top of the dress is hollywood dream corset from Frederick's, covered over with fabric. I had to be careful not to try and punch through the boning while sewing it. I cinched it down to the shape/size i want and put a zipper into the back so i could remove the strings. I covered the front hooks with a large panel. I draped the skirt with my fabric and hand sewed it into the bottom of the corset.

Belt- The belt is heavy interfacing, lined with 1/2" bias tape (the edges were harsh) and covered over with fabric. Then I fabric glued the sequin trim into place and decorated over the sewn seam with raised fabric paint. Attaches at the side with sticky back velcro. I let the sticky back velcro cure on the belt under a couple of hardcover dictionaries for a day or two and i've had no issues with it.

Bracers- Just fabric sewn together. Nothing fancy. Had a little trouble keeping them up on my forearms- could use a little velcro in the top to hold them up.

Boots- These were a pair of boots from a halloween store. I originally bought them because they would be perfetto for an Arkham Asylum Harley but they got repurposed. So, i ripped the buckles off. Painted the soles champagne, painted the body of the boot, including the laces, the tealish color. then came the armor plates. The armor plates are similar to the belt. Heavy interfacing, lined with bias tape, covered over with fabric and then embellished with raised fabric paint. I went over each line 2-3 times to get the height and definition I wanted. Pieces are attached to the boot with hot glue. Only had a little trouble- one toe piece went rogue at the con but we fixed it. I think it was more of a problem with how i walk wearing down the sole of the boot- It was a pretty cheaply made boot. If you look close, there's two buttons on the top of each boot by the knee guard. Those are made out of bottle caps! haha.

Mace- this mace was a BEAST. i spent the most amount of time on this. and then at the photoshoot, it snapped in half because it was top heavy and i put too much pressure on it. Nobunaga had superglue though, and it was back in action for the costume contest.

The first thing I did was pull up the 3D model viewer on wowhead. I took a screencap of it and threw it into Adobe illustrator. I traced it out as a vector and scaled it to 1:1 and printed it. That was there was no sizing or scaling issues with the pieces.
The base is styrofoam. I bought three 1.5" thick sheets of it at home depot. I cut it into sections, carved each piece out of the styrofoam. I attached the pieces to eachother with foamboard adhesive. I sealed the styrofoam with large amounts of white gesso. like, three heavy coats. I painted over it with primer for some unknown reason. because then i covered it over with model magic and paperclay. In the middle of using the model magic i realized how weak it was and how i hated working with it and switched to paperclay, which is just so much nicer to work with. I really think it's worth the extra money. It sands easier, melds on itself easier, keeps longer in the cupboard, dries to a tougher finish. It seemed to take to paint better than MM too. Once it was all covered, I sanded it with medium grit and then fine grit sandpaper. Well, the PC parts. I painted it all and sealed it with clear acrylic spray paint. then I cast the gems with easycast resin (indeed, quite easy). I painted the backs of them with the aqua paint because they turned out the wrong color- I'm new to resin. attached to the mace with hot glue. Middle spinner gem hangs with fishing wire in the middle of the snakes.

Whew. So many months, so much work... all summed up into a page worth of details. sigh.


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char99char What a gorgeous costume! I am impressed. :) Great job.

Synariel This costume is too cool! I love you for doing this! (That mace is epic!)

Edalyne Oh man, I remember seeing you squeezing a whole tube of crazy glue to save your mace. You're costume was super awesome :) Also, I totally never thought of taking screenshots, putting them into illustrator and making vectors for patterns. That's brilliant and I'm totally using that to make my weapons for my next cosplay :D

Xero So cute!

catfetus So incredibly gorgeous! I wish I had seen you at the con :(

Fiendle This was a costume I contemplated earlier this year on going as to Blizzcon. But seeing as I decided against it, I would be excited to see someone else dress up. :) Just make sure to have the top fitted to avoid cleavage problems like last year. xD Are you going to have cats with you too? And her awesome mace? If you can, I would love you. Crazy Cat Lady ftw!