Sheena Fujibayashi

Tales of Symphonia



I love her. =3 I'm very proud that she was the first cosplay I ever did. I wore it many times this year. XD; All the pictures are from FanX'09, on Sunday, when my hair wasn't the best (it was better on Saturday &gt;<), and I had forgotten my shoes!!!! &gt;< And my cards. -_-

All done by hand (because I don't know how to use a sowing machine, lol), except for the inner trimming which my mom helped for. Took a long time to do. @[email protected]


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Series Tales of Symphonia
Character Sheena Fujibayashi


Uerria Your Sheena is sooo freaking awesome! >:O

asteroid75 all your picture your so cute!!!!!! can i get your facebook????