Rin/Len Kagamine




These were costumes initially made for our school's Character Day during spirit week. I made both of them and sewed them by hand. Most of it is rush-job, considering the fact that I procrastinated and was up until 2 am making them the day we had to wear them. Pat was a good Len, but he hates getting his picture taken. :p
I had my Rin wig, but Patrick didn't have a wig for Len, so I decided it would be too weird to go with mine.
I really needed to go to bed, so I used some already sewn collar things for my bow. It was on school character day, so I decided to just go with the crappy bow.
For Animazement, I will be much more professional with this costume.

We still need:
- Microphones for the headphones
- Wig for Len
- Installation of elastic in the arm/leg warmers
- Detail on the arm warmers
- Detail on leg warmers
- Plain white shoes for both of us
- I need to resew my bow
- Fix Len's undershirt and make the detail a bass clef.
- Stiffen my yellow bows and give them dimension/shape


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Character Rin/Len Kagamine


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