Ok, so I uploaded some photos. It's time to write something about costume.

First of all I had a realy really great time cosplaying Finnian! And also people were telling me I look good and it suits me very well ^^ Thank you!

It wasn't very difficult costume.
I bought white knickerbockers but I had to make it smaller and dye it yellow. About the same time I bought hat :P I love this hat XD
I sewed blouse myself and my dear friend Akatsuki no Shin borrowed me her Fay wig. My other friend MJeremy borrowed me his grandmas gumboots XD

It was my most comfortable costume, even if my legs were all wet XD

And one more thing. We had a spontanous night photosesion. The idea was "Kuroshitsuji in Wonderland". I'll upload some photos soon :P


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