Silent Hill: Homecoming



This is a project Daguru and myself worked on. I'd also like to give credit to Jia Crens and Zasshu, with out them, we wouldn't have had people to pin our clothes or help us get in and out of costume.

This costume hurt.

We made a harness using piece from an army surplus store. The harness would lace through our under suits and our under suits were connected to the clothes on the outside of the costume.

The arms and mask we Daguru's cup of tea. The arms were made with pink foam, covered in fabric, layered in latex and then painted and added with leather straps and poly for the Silent Hill touch. The mask was made from us sitting back to back (me on a phone book to be postioned right) and rapped in ducktape. Then that was used to cover in latex, fabric and straps.

I bought the shoes on EBay when they came up from a private seller. Luckily they were in my size and in my price range. Talk about perfect timing.

The way the arms on the Siam are laying is actually an ancient form of toucher, so my arms were not strapped together completely like in the concept art, because, well, I need to breathe.

There were no fake legs, arms or face on my half of the costume. To see it in action: (

I wanna thank Daguru again. This was a wonderful project and a wonderful time. I learned alot from this costume!


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Series Silent Hill: Homecoming
Character Siam


Fantomb_Pro <3!!!

donttouchmymilk I never get tired of this cosplay. Hands down my favorite Silent Hill creature, and you guys pulled it off so well. I flipped out the first time I saw this one.

Mallory This is amazing. You are my hero for this!

Ammie Oh sweet merciful crap \o/ this is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! This is pure genius!!!! I can't believe you made this happen with such perfection!!!!!! You ROOOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hinote_Ichimaru What are those kinds of shoes called? also this is the best thing ever! <3 fantastic work!

fumino awesome!!

Heavens_Night WOW!!!! That is outstanding! This is by far, the best SH cosplay I've seen!

Zaviera This is an amazing costume! Creepy, and beautiful! A serious cosplayer has to go through pain for their costumes, and you two proved that you are amazing! Good job! ='D

Slum Drunk This is, hands down, my favorite costume -ever.-

InuYashalvr48 I remember seeing this costume and I was totally stunned!!!!! You are the reason I slave over my costumes making sure to include every detail. I love you. ^^

Ashgroovy fantastic costume. Your eye for detail was great and the physicality of it all must have been intense.

renegadecow 2nd place only because not too many people have the balls to play Silent Hill so it isn't very popular (only two characters are generally known: pyramid head and the nurse). This cosplay is absolutely amazing!

HowlingKiller Omg everybody's talking about beeing there TwT!! I don't even know what kind of con was that but either way this is teh most awesome SH cosplay I've ever seen!! TwT

devious-tofu I still kick myself for forgetting about the Silent Hill photoshoot on Saturday. D8> You guys are amazing. <3

Kurenai Tenka Absolutely fantastic, wish I could have seen it in person!

saeko_uzumaki that cosplay is absolutely amazing good work!!

Yoru_Komori Are you insane? this never see something like that before.

KoriStarfire i remember shitting bricks when i saw this! i was kind of curious about it backstage and then when i saw it put together i nearly pooped myself happy! major love still for this costume!

Tsubasaglz oh my! this is so freaking awesome! I will have nightmares with u too!!!! I love u! really this kind of cosplay inspires!

this_chick25 KUDOS--like a billion of them! This cosplay genuinely scared the bejeezus out of me when I first saw it in the Green Room. I was falling asleep guarding the Escaflowne, and suddenly, I see the giant arm things, and everyone starts gasping in awe, and I thought I was having a nightmare! I'm glad you got an award for your hard work, though--congrats!