Lenna White Mage

Final Fantasy V



This was my first costume. FFV is my favorite game, and white mage seemed to be an easy enough job class. I did the Lenna (Reina) style because it's slightly different than the traditional white mage - shorter robe and grim reaper style sleeves. Let's just say the costume was a "learning experience" and the stitching shows...

PS - iron on transfer paper is your friend!

The pic is, obviously, not of me. For BAAF '03, two of my friends wanted to cosplay, and of course came to this conclusion 3 days in advance (guy as Black Mage) to 30 seconds before we left for the bus station (guy as White Mage!) and yes, he is not wearing pants because I made it designed for a lady.


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Series Final Fantasy V
Character Lenna White Mage


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