Padmé Amidala

Star Wars Series



I made this costume for a fantasy/sci-fi con. I am a big Star Wars fan, and in Episode 1 I loved Padmé Amidala... in Episode 2 she was okay, not as cool, but still all right. I made this costume BEFORE Episode 3 came out. I despised her in 3. She was weak and psycho and not cool at all. Ohh well.

Anyway, this Padmé is the outfit that she wears in Episode 1, when she's on Tatooine with the Jedi and Anakin. She's in disguise and pretending to be just a handmaiden and not the Queen. This costume was mostly easy to make. The vest was annoying because I didn't have the time to narrow it enough to put a zipper on it... but all in all, I was pretty satisfied with it. ^_^


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Series Star Wars Series
Character Padmé Amidala


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