Rem, Remu, Shinigami

Death Note

first off, I gotta say, anyone that goes for making this cosplay, kudos to you!! This was probably one of the most difficult cosplays I've made to date, just for the sheer detail, the complexity of trying to figure out how to work the wings, what to put on first, etc, to make it work.....

and it's still not finished. I've got a lot of tweaking to do, but I LOOOOOVE Rem, she's my absolute favourite character from Death Note, and from the moment she first came into the series, I knew I had to cosplay her

and there's the fact that Rem cosplayers are VERY rare :D so it's cool!!
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Series Death Note
Character Rem, Remu, Shinigami

Solie92 amazing cosplay! how did u get the hair?

Eazer Awesome Rem costume! The Shinigami are my favorite characters in Death Note.

punkchan hi very like your cosplay of remu am also interested in how that material you used and how did he do? if you can answer me thank you for help

tinyartist18 amazing costume! It looks great :)