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My third RO costume, but the first of a character I played more! Back when Draxsus was still just an acolyte in-game, I was already wanting to make a priest costume for him. After I got him to high priest, I decided to do that version for cosplay.

I'd bought all the fabric long ago and it was all sitting there collecting dust. I got somewhat discouraged after how many times I had to redo the pattern. It wasn't until some RO friends and I decided to go to AX '07 that I was motivated to finish it.

I made it 2 layers you can actually take apart, the inner coat (black) and the outer (white). The white layer doesn't look exactly like the official art, but I did that on purpose! The design on it I tried to make more like the regular non-trans priest. I changed the cuff design too, and added the straps on the sleeves. I had a hell of a time trying to work with the gold nylon stuff making it not fray.

It was a little rushed for AX '07... Didn't get a wig and no time to make a staff, but I finally did both for later cons. A lot of people kept asking me which staff in-game it's based on, but it's actually an original design lol. The whole thing is made of mostly wood and insulation foam, and took me awhile to do because it was the first time I'd ever done that much wood work. The middle has designs based on two guild emblems, and the three tags represent the three 'cards' on the staff I used to use in the game.

Anime Expo 2007, Sakura Con 2008, Fanime 2008, Sakura Con 2009, Aki Con 2011


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