Sailor Aluminum Siren

Sailor Moon



so blue. X_X;
This was a spontanous project with a friend and very rushed but I like it somehow.


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Created 10 years ago
Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Aluminum Siren


carladawn amazing!!!!

Jinx2ya Does not seemed Rushed at ALL! You look great!

FunnyValentine Amazing.

Anita-chan ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ WHAT!!! oh my°°° in my country one of the members of my cosplay group want to be a sailor aluminium.........pfff but u look perfect!!!!! i think that i have to wash brains XD cause, the person dont have your small..well, u r perfect to be a sailor character

MoonKitty beautiful cosplay

Fabulousity OMG PERFECT!!!!

earthmommy big wow

meiko sakine omg!! excellent!

miiyu WOW!!! Ich liebe das Kostüm ... so perfekt! *___*

Gabrielledumort perfect!!!! Is wonderfull I luv you work!

MDA Fabulous cosplay!

Ladywolframpant pretty much the best done version of this i have ever seen...

Anime_Babe Such a beautiful cosplay!

AoiMizuno This is fantastic. There are no words to describe how amazing you look. @[email protected] You are a perfect Aluminum Siren. <3

SanctusIX Waaaw, I can't wait to see you here in mexico!!! waaw! I love your cosplay, you're an amazing cosplayer!!!! wiiiii!!! oWo

PikachuRepublic OMG DEAD ON. You are perrrfect. I'm blown away. Where are you from~! GOD. Come to california and join AnimeMyu~!

Hedelex WOOO I was just told you are coming as an special guest! I'll do my best to get a costume fro the group!!!! GREAT COSPLAY!!!

ArcanaSithandra Omg, you have so much skill!! This is the most gorgeous cosplay I have ever seen <333

FushiginaReiko Thank you for your comment on my cosplay :D I really like your cosplays - they're very pretty, especially the ones of Paine!

Not a Shrimp very nice *___*!