Garlock Simon Jiiha

Gurren Lagann



This is the first time I've ever sewed, so I want to thank a bunch of people for making this cosplay possible. Katsumiyo, Audhulma, Kia Purity--you all rock! Thanks for all your advice! I feel really accomplished for doing this whole cosplay all on my own.

If there was a part of the outfit I had a problem with, it would be...THE LINER. The Liner was the hardest damn part! It gave me so much trouble figuring out the logic behind what a liner was before I realized it was just a secondary coat sewn into another coat. The next hardest part would be the flames on the jacket, since they weren't exactly cut in proportion very well to each other initially. After that, the hardest part would be the skull emblem. Sewing it on was easy enough, but I had to pin the glasses down like 12+ different ways before I finally could get it even. I'm really happy with how the arm sleeves turned out, even if they're fraying a bit at the moment : (

I'll be completing my collar, wig, as well as the manly corset, arm braces, and neck brace for Izumicon.


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Character Garlock Simon Jiiha


stephen123334 you made the glasses AWESOME

tyr_malystryxs Awesome What Material did you use for the star

kiapurity No problem. XP *salutes*

AmeNekoZ XD I loved your Simon outfit, awesome job on it