Kurama / Shuichi Minamino

YuYu Hakusho



Debuted in 2009, he's been worn to every con I've attended since attaining him for 3 years. He was purchased from eBay. Went on hiatus in 2012, styled more accurate bangs on the wig during that time. After bringing him back, I just wasn't feeling the love for him anymore. Retired, won't be redone.


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Created 12 years ago
Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Kurama / Shuichi Minamino
Variant White Tunic


Kaiya_Kurama Wow you did great Im actualli also tryin to dress up in the dark tornament one of kurama for the next conevention(the yellow tunic) but having no luck at all finding it and I suck at sewing lmao do you know anyone thats giving theirs away for a cheap price but the costume is still in good condition?

Thowra Your Kurama Costume is Amazing, You look so good. I hope you had alot of Fun!