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This is the most complete cosplay I have ever done, with the help of my organised friend Miwitch, help on accessories and wig so I can concentrate on the clothes itself^^

The materials for this costume consist of spandex(matt type), satin(various kind because of colors limitation), flat sponge(I think its call wadding), ribbons( for collar), fusing, double starch, maybe I have missed some hahaha....

The sailor costume is a body suit with skirt attached to the waist. The bodysuit has 3 layers at the breast area and 2 layers for the mid bodice.

The reason for a 3 pc breast is for the transparent sleevs, the most inner pc would hold the transparent sleevs so no sewing marks would appear on the original sleeve and its hard to sew on when the sleeve is already done with the tube design. 3 layer would also hide our bra lines and the "breast plate" would be more obvious. The sleeve tube is done by stitching the upper 2 layer together at the sleeve end, insert padding and then stitch up at the begining of the sleeve pad so that the padding wont shift. Then the middle line is stitch so I can have 2 tubes on the sleeve.

The bottom has 2 pc, the upper layer would hold the skirt so it was cut until the length where I want the skirt to be, the bottom layer would be the "panties", so the whole bodice is like a bodysuit with snap crotch. Snap crotch so that we can go toilet easier, but then its more difficult to put on as need to stretch to close the snap buttons.
The waist tube is done by sewing the 2 bottom pc together first with the V shape infront and then stitching on the skirt. The skirt must be stitch on first if not its very hard to attach after padding is put inside. I rolled up a pc of the sponge to the size of the waist tube and place it between the top and bottom pc. Adjusting and pulling the top and bottom pc to nicely fit the roll up padding and then stitch the bottom pc to the seam of the skirt and the top pc.

The skirt is stiffen with double starch. It actually made my skirt very dirty with marks, actually I think it has abit of "aqua" effect, but then it might not look good for others. My rest of the team did not suffer the same for their skirts ^^''

The sailor collar is stitched between the upper layer and with the 2nd layer and bottom layer stitch together. The collar edge would be hide nicely between the fabric so that when the collar is turned out, it would not expose unsightly edges.

Ribbons are done by ironing hard fusing on the fabric, hard enough so it will remain puffy.

The gloves bubble are done by inserting the sponge between a fold rectangle pc, stitch 2 lines so I can have 3 tubes and then stitch on the gloves itself.

The team costume are all done by me, so that the team would have a very uniform look. Weapons (except deep aqua mirror) were drawn and ordered by Miwitch(Sailor Pluto), wigs, shoes, earring, head bands were also orderd by her. I really have to thank Sailor Pluto for being the central support for the team, a good leader and organiser, thanks for making it happen! And thanks to my fellow cosplay mate, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn, for being such good companion during the preparation^^ Cheers for successful cosplay!


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