It's done! Here it is at long last, in all its amateurish yet still decidedly awesome glory!

I really love how the costume worked out, make no mistake there. Though my sewing is still rather amateuristic everything just panned out as well as I could've hoped. The mask is a bit uncomfortable to have on (and it's hard to see anything that ain't directly in front of me) but the costume is a ton of fun to wear! Plus that scythe is damn fun to haul around.

It was also really well received by Elf Fantasy Fair visitors, every time I'd put on the mask and hood people'd pop out of nowhere asking for photos. :D Hell if they knew it to be from Castlevania, the entire grim reaper thing (not to mention the unique costume design for it) just goes down well at a fantasy event I suppose.


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Character Death


cori Awesome!!

TelltaleMoon13 =O Awesome! Nice job!