Castlevania: Symphony of the Night



Alucard from Castlevania is one of my favorite game guys ever. I'm kind of impressed with their redo of his voice in Rondo's unlocked SOTN... but even still I always loved him regardless of voice and classic emo-boy persona.

This is Andy/Frenchy dressed as Alucard, and the story behind these pics is that I forgot his original makeup I was supposed to use at home.. so I had to improvise with some crappy stuff I hadn't used in 2 years that was in my makeup bag... so that's why it looks a little choppy. I tried my best on the makeup really but.... it is what it is..yanno?

The shield was made with the assistance of my friend Ben Wallace... who has a rockin' workbench in his garage.


Costume: Made by me
Photographer: Kyle Johnsen
Model: Frenchy
Makeup: By me... although not proudly :P
Shield: Insulation Foam, Epoxy Putty, Surfboard Resin, Sculpey
Sword: Sawed off metal sword with wooden blade attachment for peacebonding.
Wig:Styled by me.
Fabrics: rayon/cotton Velveteen frock coat & 100% Poly raschel lace lining, 100% Acetate Bridal Satin cloak, 100% Acetate iridescent faille cloak lining, Poly/Metallic Trim with 100% Silk embroidered cravat and 100% Silk Dupioni waistcoat, 4% Elastane 96% Poly Satin pants.


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Series Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Character Alucard


Chibi Alucard The Costume looks amazing.

CastlevaniaLove wow. pardon me while I pick my tongue back up lol great job! ^^'

blue-fish duuuuuuude *spalt* fainted from awsomness

manime ilu for making such a beautiful Alucard. xD He's one of my fave chars. Your detailing on the costume is excellent, too. xDD I think my favorite thing is the wig, to be honest. People always fail at it. D: At least you have a keen eye for that kinda stuff.

Shura Magami31 Agreed with Radu-san. Totally gorgeous, beautiful and so in character. Salute, Adella~! Never saw someone who is sooo...Alucard. After this, I'll always compare them to Frenchy^^

Radu Valentine This just set the bars way up high, I'd say ^^ Hi, Adela...! me and my friends are castlevania cosplayers from Indonesia. after seeing the photos, we had an agreement not to let anyone be Alucard, unless he is at least on par with Frenchy's Alucard hahaha... I saw your photos in Cosmode magz, and it's great!

Kaibib Angel The man is gorgeous, he makes a nice Alucard. :3 I love your work, Adella.