Edward Elric [Limbless]

Fullmetal Alchemist

~ The game.

I've wanted to do this for so long, and I guess it finally happened. After they re-made this scene from the manga into the new series, and my friend Keri decided she was being eleven year old Winry Rockbell with the cute little red skirt and black & white shirt that don't match, I had no problem being Edward.

But I have to say this was so hard, I had to keep taking my arm out of that sleeve, then hide it behind my back while holding my leg up as well. There were a few times I bent the wrong leg and was like, 'Aha! Stupid!' Left, not right. Right?
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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Edward Elric [Limbless]

ffviki Oh cute...I've never heard of anyone doing these versions before! I love it!

usakou awesome^^

Kamira-san This is amazing.

Kiteoni No but really.. awesome idea, I highly appreciate this.

Kiteoni Lost the game.