France / Francis Bonnefoy

Hetalia: Axis Powers



I love this pervert, urh character :'D
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Series Hetalia: Axis Powers
Character France / Francis Bonnefoy


Zutarakid50 Your Fance cosplay is AMAZING! :D I'm going to try to cosplay as him for AnimNEXT this summer. Any tips on getting the outfit together?

KnightJeran The most amazing France!

Tormenta Your French is sexy XD

Fullflame333 You are such a beautiful France~ It's just... perfect~! How did you make the jacket? It looks so awesome.

Hikari-green Your France is amazing!! Great job!

Chibi_Mony ahhh thank you so much for all the compliments omg ;A;" <33 Merci beaucoup!

~Lsine You just make an amazing France ! *proud to be french*

Nie. Flance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooo!!!!!very Beautiful(*´&#1076;&#65344;*)!!

myiuu Awesome cosplay! you look amazing!

imdeathv Wooooooooooooooo! Perfect! You are awesome! OMG, I can't find my words......

MONCHAN! sexy francis*ç*

Zhelly Well helloooo sexy~ c: Great cosplay, it's perfect!

Lomelindi88 Spectacular! Je t'aime beaucoup. xD (And that's all the French I can remember from high school. :/) Man, seriously though, best France EVER.

Scumbi TRES MAGNIFIQUE!!!Le grand travail, mon ami!! <333 o.~ Ahahah, I am starting my France cosplay and can only hope it turns out as well as yours. x3

milk-kohi h'awww... I almost thought it would of been for Otakuthon.. since you come from Canada. >w<;;