Batman: The Dark Knight



The costume he wears most of the time in the movie.

Well, I gotta say that the a bad joke. Seriously. I'm rrreally disappointed at my work input in that one. Other than that, the costume's sweet : > The violet jacket's wunderbar, and everything's just perfect, a little minor lack of some details but... I really want to see someone who walks around, pointing out little missing details like that. Or actually, I don't. Thanks for Outi who gave me her violet gloves :>

It's was a hot day, I tell you. Really hot. . o . my scars literally peeled off when the day was over, which was kinda good since it has been such a pain to get that vax off. But I loved every second of it <3 And I'm really grateful for all of you who took pictures of me, I felt so loved and stuff :3


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Series Batman: The Dark Knight
Character Joker


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