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I just have to say that this costume was a success! Thanks to my whole "Destiny Island" group because I probably couldn't have pulled it off without you~

This outfit was a little special. But luckily no one seemed to point out the little technical difficulties. So all was fine. The wig was the huge hassle. We cut it that morning in the hotel room... and let's just say that the wig needs to be thinned out and layered GREATLY.

I was up until 2 the night before the debut finishing off my paopu fruit, armband and wristband. And a dear friend of mine did an amazing job on the shoes. But ugh are they a pain to wear (I hate crocs for a reason!)

When I look at pictures, I just can't believe how GOOD we all looked. ^__^

And thank you SO much to Mike, who was an amazing photographer. It was an awesome shoot. ^^


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