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well this one was interesting to make when I made it I actually had double clients on RO like always but luckly I had munak card to look for reference :p I made this outfit from scratch I bought the fabric from the store and just started putting things together starting with the dress which was easy because I've made dresses so many times so that was easy, then I started on the over jacket which I had the red first and I sewed the yellow on to the sides and the opening where the zipper was which was the only thing I bought WAS a zipper I actually made a collar from scratch which was something I never did before and then I worked on teh sash both front and back sewed them too the the over jacket thing then the sash was easy to make I had to get more yellow though because I ran out with all the stuff I was sewing on then I sewed 3 buttons on them and I have it button in the back so noone notices :p that is if they are looking at my back which I hope they aren't D: the most interesting part of this outfit was making the hat which I actually did the hat from scratch @[email protected] it was so epic to make that I don't even know how I did it @[email protected] but yea it holds with 2 big evelopes that help it hold its shape and with that this is the munak cosplay and how I made it :p


@Otaku Gunso
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Series Ragnarok Online
Character Munak


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