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I had read that there was going to be a Star Wars themed party at the convention on the Saturday. Being rather "curvier" than either Carrie Fisher or Natalie Portman I was very unsure what I could wear to it. Then I remembered the GG Maquette of Leia and Artoo in the style of the Clone Wars. Well having seen one other costume recreation at the time I thought it would actually be a workable costume for my figure type after all.
I didn't let on what I was making as I was making everything from scratch and was not sure how well my burgeoning prop and wig skills would turn out. In the end I was a blonde-redheaded Leia as I did not prepare my hair well enough to wear the wig(s) I made. So I passed the dress on to a friend and decided I'd make a closer version for the next year.
This is what I wound up with. New blaster, new belt, reset wig and new dress patterned from my first and from a skirt I had that had a good drape without being as full as I made the skirt the first time.


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