Kaidou Kio




i did a closet cosplay of Kio for 2007 "nerd day" at my school. Kio is a hawt, classy nerd, and i love him to pieces. XD

so, i hope to make a nice impact with him; really the most important thing is the hair, and the most recognizable thing is the earrings. Kio will be lots of fun for me because i don't have any piercings at all, and i don't plan to get any. i will be using only clip-on hoops and magnetic studs (and, trust me, no one can ever tell they're fake; they're not the painted plastic kind). i will wear an apron, as well, also for recognition.

ACen 2009 will be the first year for me in Artists' Alley, so Kio is a good costume since it requires minimal effort and sewing time, and also gives an appropriate artist image. =3

i have:
clip-on hoop earrings
fashion glasses
star temporary tattoo (for right-hand ring finger)
black pants
pink shirt
Chupa Chups (thank you, Rit-chan!)


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Character Kaidou Kio


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