RobbyKun as uchiha sasuke

uchiha sasuke

Naruto: Shippūden

Cosplayer: RobbyKun
Uchiha Sasuke, all outfits.

For all 3:

Belt: rope bought from a boating store, then dyed purple.
Tunic: custom made from a good friend of mine.
Pants: simple sweat pants.
Sandals: Soles taken from a previous pair of Naruto sandals I had, then modified together with a pair of stretch leggings with holes cut for the feet and heels.
Sword: sheath was from another Sasuke sword, and the sword itself was hand-made from poplar wood. Measurements were borrowed from the sheath to fit the two together.
Wig: Cut and styled by me. The one you see me wearing in all the pics (except where noted) was the 2nd attempt.

First outfit (sound garb)

Robe: Sewn by me. Uchiha symbol was printed on iron on paper and ironed on the robe.
Arm bands: Sewn by me, using a mixture of materials

Second outfit (Itachi fight):

Gi: used from a defunct Shuuhei cosplay, altered to fit better and Uchiha symbol ironed on.
Shuriken: blades were made from poplar wood, glued together to styrofoam disks, which were covered in PVC sheeting, then completely painted over.
Armbands: modified from a pair of panty hose, symbols were painted on manually. Ends are then wrapped with medical guaze.

Third Outfit (Team Hawk):

Top: custom made by same friend who made my tunic. Unfortunately during circumstances at the time, I was forced to paint the Uchiha symbol on with acrylic paint and a sharpie.

UPDATE: I've taken apart the shirt she made so I could have patterns to make a new shirt. I also gave it a shade of grey to closer match the colors on the anime.

Armbands: modified from a pair of armbands from Hot Topic.