Kefka Palazzo

Dissidia: Final Fantasy



Would you believe that this entire costume was sewn in nine days? I was invited to join a Dissidia group for AWA 2009 and of course chose Kefka....because he's deliciously evil, kind of an asshole, and GHEI as all hell. I planned for about a month, then was away from my sewing machine for 3 weeks....getting back 10 days before the con.

My main goal for this project was to play with color and texture. This meant that I got to use ALL THOSE FABRICS I NEVER GET TO USE and lots of fun trims. I chose a lot of hand-dyes and batiks to achieve that 'drawn' look. The cape is trimmed in (very expensive) feather trim and appliqued to high heaven on the lining. Lots of the major design work was painted with the aid of stencils I drew up. I quilted his vest, which is lined with a spades/clubs/hearts/diamonds checked never see it though! Had to redraft a puffy sleeve pattern to create the OMG sleeves on his shirt. Went so far as to gradient-dye (by hand) the cotton gauze for the hip wrap and construct his jester shoes from suede and vinyl. I even constructed a harness for the scarves that stick out of his shoulder/neckline. A labor of insanity? Perhaps.

A note on my hair...we used watered-down acrylic paint since I already kinda have his hairline. It worked surprisingly well and wasn't TOO terrible to get out at the end of the day.


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Series Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Character Kefka Palazzo


toeskater91 Your Kefka is absolutly wonderous. I bet you were awesome in person. I love how utilized your fabrics and can't believe that you were able to sew that in 9 days. Your amazing. Spectacular job!!!!!