Arch Bishop

Ragnarok Online



EDIT July 2012

The Arch bishop costume i made was based on really early concepts of this class ( year before the orginal arts were released)so i had to use pixels and fanarts as my reference picture. Due to that costume is a bit diffrent than actual Arch bishop design.

Oh my! It's been so long since i've made this costume. After all this years i decided to give it another go at photoshoot. Many things were changed, some added.
Firstly I've decided to wear another wig and shoes. I also added alot new headgears ( Ragnarok hats - my first real addiction!) and items. I also decided to make new staff. It was made of pcv, some foam and love :) I also couldnt forget about my Poring plush which i recived as birthday gift long ago from my dear friend. Overall i tried to capture the look of nendroid Archbishop figure i really,really love.

I hope you like the costume and photoshoot as much i do! :)
I'm so in love with 3rd RO classes! Arch bishop is so girly and arodable,i just had to make one. The dress was real challange to me! I've tried hard to hide my underwear (panty-shots shield!) but i think ive failed - wind didn't help me either. I also love the staff,it was fun to make and paint.


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Series Ragnarok Online
Character Arch Bishop
Variant ( early concept)


Sana-san Awesome job!