Gurren Lagann



This costume took a lot of effort. I remember noticing a lot of other Kamina cosplayers making the same note, half-naked doesn't mean half the difficulty.

The cape took intensive time from sewing/cutting/burning, made 3 sets of glasses(I tend to break my property), made the pants, belt.

And prep time was a pain! full tattoos and wraps around midriff and arms.

Was it worth it?

Ya. This was a justified follow-up to Spike.


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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Kamina


Elika_88 Hey, You are crazy.But I think, this costume it´s perfect for you! You look very great!

theonlyangel77 this makes me so sad :`( but i love that you did this photoshoot!!! my husband and i planned to do this pair as well. great Job!!

akira-nasuki ORE WO DARE DA TO OMOTTE YAGARU!!!? awesome kamina planing doing kamina my self any tips on his cosplay? btw is the glass made from pvc?

Smexy Vizard OMG it's Kamina O.O* X____X

Nekotwang Love it, love it! Nice job.

Pegasus86 great costume. I am going to a kamina cosplay too can you tell me where to get a wig as good as yours and what is the best type of paint to use

koibunny You made a GREAT JOB! and I LOVE kamina!

Sangochan241 Great Kamina! Were you at the Otakon Gurren Lagann shoot saturday?

Tikki Just awesome! I appreciate seeing a NICE Kamina costume on a man who has the right physique. Very cool pictures!

Galthux How did you make the glasses?

samtoenail omg u were EPIC at Ohayocon XD

Miss Freya Your Kamina is so EPIC. O_O

youmee400 Wow you did a freaking great job :3