NeoGeo Battle Coliseum



NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, a game made for SNKP to make a dream match witll a selection of its characters from many fighting games (KOF, Samurai Shodown, Last Blade, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, World Heroes) and another ones from not-fighting games (Metal Slug, King of Monsters, etc) to make a unique game...

In this rooster there are Yuki and Ai, 2 characters made as original ones and the main characters from this game... well, I like Yuki, one the cool characters I knew in last time and I wanted to cosplay him and I did it!! And no just that, I converted in the first Yuki cosplayer in all the world!! I'm making history again ;)

I'm very proud of to make him, I felt very confortable in it and I'm planning repeat the experience once again...

And I did it!! Yuki v2.0 was appeared in Chilean Anime Expo of this year, and the experience was too much gratificant than the first time, many people recognizes me and took me many photos... I'm very proud of this costume, only rest recycle one more time and win a prize with him ;)

I'M NOT A BOY!! ;)


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