Chi-Chi (Buu saga)

Dragon Ball Z



Why did I choose this character:

Nobody did this Chichi's outfit before and I tought it was funny to do! XD Plus I could macth with a friend of mine who do Gohan Greatsayaman. ^_^

Making off:

To make this dress I used my purple Chichi dress as pattern and is made with yellow satin trimmed with red satin ribbon. For the baggy pants I made a pattern totally by myself and I'm really proud of the result because it was my first baggy pants pattern ever!!! And they are made with light blue viscosa. Boot covers, shawl and the belt are made of purple lining. This time I used my real hairs with a bun extension made by myself with some black hair extensions wrapped on a hair doughnut. To complete the costume white bracelet and earings.^^


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Series Dragon Ball Z
Character Chi-Chi (Buu saga)


cstoczyn Can You Post Some Pix On You In Your Costume, Please?