Record of Lodoss War



A little bit about this costume:
This costume is a dream come true for me. I've been a huge fan of RoLW since a tween, and have wanted to bring Deedlit to life since I started costuming. 10 years later, I finally found my outlet.

The armour and gauntlets are constructed entirely out of leather, including leather stripping / belting used for the gold accents. I airbrushed Dark Blue Angelus leather paint on, and painted the gold accents with Lumiere screen printing ink. Thanks so much to Shawn / Negative Dreamer for teaching me his secrets and making me do the work myself, so I could learn a very fun, new skill set!

The dress is made from a bottom weight suiting, with gold embroidery (not pictured) on the bust.

The cape is a dark blue polyester suiting, lined in russet suede.

I constructed the belt myself, tanning it and sealing it.

The belt "buckle" and breast plate accessories were sculpted by my friend Danielle, which I then cast out of resin and painted with Krylon gold spray paint, and buffed with the Lumiere gold for added texture.

The books were purchased from Traffic, painted and added the gold trim. I may, in the future, do Deedlit's proper design on her boots, but I didn't get the leather cording I needed to do that with in time.

Ears purchased from, then airbrushed by myself to match my skin tone.

Wig purchased from Cosplay Wigs (eBay) and modified, then saved, by Danielle (wig expert I am not!)


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Series Record of Lodoss War
Character Deedlit


Luciferian beautiful deedlit costume, i love the fact that you went all out with the leather !

EternalSuccubus Greaaaaat costume *--* Congratulations, you are sou beautifull!

gundamfangirl92 Wonderful costume.You pull off Deedlit really well.Plus she is one of my favorite characters in the whole series.

Djxiii Absolutely in awe of this costume.

StrykerCrewman I just love Deedlit. Awsome work, and I hope you can find a good Parn :D