Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII



I was originally going to cosplay a different Amano Aerith design, but that project fell apart. ^^;; Then I saw this illustration, and knew I had to make it. ^^ I've never seen anyone cosplay this version of Aerith, so I decided to give this under-appreciated and beautiful design a little love. ^^

As I made this, I actually started to like Aerith more and more as a character. xD Now she's actually one of my favorites. ^^;;

Wig: A Natalie XXL from Amphigory in color #6, medium chestnut brown. I really hate the the color... It's WAY darker than how it looked in the sample. ;_;

Cream-Colored Base Dress: Found at Goodwill for about 8 USD. I shortened it (it had been floor-length) and removed the straps. I also added beadwork, flowers, and venise lace.

Golden Skirt: Made from scratch. I used Simplicity 2906, adding a panel of different fabric in the front.

Red Overskirt: Made from scratch. I used Simplicity 8953 (a pattern for a child's princess dress). ^^;;

Green Venise Lace: Found on E-bay. I hand-stitched it on, which took about 7 hours. ;_; As a side-note, it's asymmetrical, so I didn't sew it on wrong. ^^;;

Silk Flowers: I bought them at Wal-mart. I hand-sewed them on after the venise.

Sash: Made from scratch, without a pattern. There's a bit of beadwork I did, on the ends.

Shoes: The base shoes I found at Goodwill, for about 3 USD. I sewed some lace onto the straps, and added a matching wire of beads to each shoe.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Aerith Gainsborough


Kazephyr Thank you so much! ^_^ This was one of the most detailed costumes I've made thus far, but it's also one of my favorites. ^_^ I really had to search to find the artwork for it. o_0;; When I saw it, though... I fell in love. ^^;; I had to make it... xD

Summoner Luna I absolutely love this cosplay...I have not actually seen this version of Amano's design for her, but your interpretation is simply *gorgeous.* Beautiful work! <3