Hanami as sonsaku



Cosplayer: Hanami
Why I made this costume :
I had problems with my timescedule And I could not finish my copslay for the facts convention.
Videll asked me if I liked to join the ikki thousen group cause the girl that was going to cosplay sonsaku coulden't finish it it time. I so wanted to join!! ^^ Sonsaku was on my list for a very long time :P

How I made it:
I used my kasumi wig cause I only wore it once :P
The skirt I got from videll cause It was so perfect ^^
I made the red gloves and, the red ribbon and the yellow shirt The shoese are my own and the socks are from my dear friend atlanta ^_^

I had so much fun wearing this costume!! it was soooo comfterble :P Only on the stage my skirt was a little to short XD Lucky me I wore some shorts ;)