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I made this for My Halloween Outfit. It's kind of funny because i never thought that Luffy will be my first character to cosplay. I think it's fate. lol. I love Luffy so much. ^_^ But i seriously never thought i would cosplay him.


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Beyond.Birthday This is so awesome! I love this, one of my favourite Luffy Cosplays!

Shichikou i found parts. it's kinda impossible to make the pant for me. i got lucky and found just the right pant.

Kakudori25 Yo, this is by far one of the best Luffys I've seen in a while. Alot of people try to cosplay him but end up missing important details (like the type of hat) but you totally went the extra mile! : D Also, did you make the entire costume or were you able to just find some parts?

strawberry-tree You make such a cute Luffy! ^^ ~<3

Shichikou i made it. ^_^

akira-nasuki did u make vest or buy it?

Pahsmina Awes,so cute X3 I love the fly Luffy fly pic xDD