Wendy Harkwell

5th Aid



Wendy's just too cuuuuuute~ And I had some leftover white fabric from a commision. So I just -had- to cosplay her xD

So. I entered a contest .A. asdfghjkl. Im not really one to ask, but, if you could like my photo I'd really appreciate it <3<3 facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=274867879219182&set=a.273547319351238.64109.186709338035037&type=3&theater

Also, Its hosted by Miccostumes and theres contest details at miccostumes.com/sponsor.php if anyone's interested .u. Its actually pretty nifty.

I might not win, but LOL its worth a try, right?


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Series 5th Aid
Character Wendy Harkwell


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