Lando as The Dread Pirate Roberts / Westley

The Dread Pirate Roberts / Westley

The Princess Bride

The Man in Black

Cosplayer: Lando
It's something that I've been thinking of doing for a while now. Princess bride IS my favourite movie after all.
I've been tempted by my own self and asked to cosplay Westley enough to have a response for those waiting to hear if I will or not...I have 3 little words for that request. ;D
(Also, I didn't make the sword.)
It's done! Yeah! ^_^
I was really really happy with how this came out, the enitre night before, I was sewing omg Vinyl! And then 10am of the con day....I finished. FUUUU close!
The bandanna was actually the most finicky to make, and the mask I put extra effort into moulding to my nose and face so it didn't look like a cheap party store mask. Yes the pants are velvety smooth, my shirt is comfortable and my mustache is grown just for this costume. ^_^

SWEET! Interview from Electric Playground snipet heres of my DPR!
sweeet. =D