The Dread Pirate Roberts / Westley

The Princess Bride



It's something that I've been thinking of doing for a while now. Princess bride IS my favourite movie after all.
I've been tempted by my own self and asked to cosplay Westley enough to have a response for those waiting to hear if I will or not...I have 3 little words for that request. ;D
(Also, I didn't make the sword.)
It's done! Yeah! ^_^
I was really really happy with how this came out, the enitre night before, I was sewing omg Vinyl! And then 10am of the con day....I finished. FUUUU close!
The bandanna was actually the most finicky to make, and the mask I put extra effort into moulding to my nose and face so it didn't look like a cheap party store mask. Yes the pants are velvety smooth, my shirt is comfortable and my mustache is grown just for this costume. ^_^

SWEET! Interview from Electric Playground snipet heres of my DPR!
sweeet. =D


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Series The Princess Bride
Character The Dread Pirate Roberts / Westley
Variant The Man in Black


AmiArsenic MARRY ME! I mean.... er.... That's pretty awesome. >.>

Mongrel Very cool. You make a great Westley.

SailorEarth Awesome Dread Pirate Roberts!

Nightwitch-Kat Waaaaaa, I can't believe I missed this ):

kenshin-chan64 ...i think your awesomeness here just inspired me to try this as well...i would probably fail, but it looks like so much fun!

dismaldreary This is awesome!

gambit_ak Thanks for the comment and amazing job on your costume

Karitsa I loved seeing you at Anime North! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

gurren_chick17 AWESOME job!!!!!

FF7_Flower_Girl wow this is AMAZING u look just like him!

croft_woman lol this is just too good! cary elwes would be proud

Tequila80 just watched that movie yesterday. one of my favs!!!! great job

Fezzik I had to create an account just to let you know that I think you did a spectacular job on becoming the Dread Pirate Roberts! The costume is pretty accurate (bad-ass as well) and you even got his lovable smirk down pat. INCONCEIVABLY well-done. You did one of my favorite movies proud. :D *high-five*

Ginryuu Ok, so I came over to check out your Reno wigs (wanted to see if I could tell the difference between the 3 . XD ) but then I saw this and spastic flailing ensued. You make such an amazing Westley...OMG, like, right out of the movie! Everything fits you so well and you're body language is spot on. Awesome job!

Griever 2112 bravo... words fail to capture the perfection you pulled off with this costume...just need the blond 'stache and your golden.

jujubee33 I love it!

youmee400 I can't wait! :D

Zetra no not Emily XD I mean.. I'm friends with Emily and kit. Sorry I worded it wrong! *hides in corner* >_> <_< I'm Jacynta

Zetra Oh my god if you do Dread Pirate Roberts I will love you forever! That's so awesome! *cough* This is Emily and Kit's friend btw >_> The one that has said all of like.. two sentences to you? xD;

*DjMoose* As yoouu wishhh! Hah ok sorry. I'll stop being a dork now. X3