Rozen Maiden



This was a labor of love and heartache. The costume was completed in less than a week while trying to move out of my house. My good friend Selena wanted me to cosplay with her (she was Shinku) and did an amazing thing for me -- send me all the blue fabric and lace used in this costume. She also gave me her old Hinoto wig and styled it for me for this costume. The white under-dress is one of the most amazing things I've ever created and was done in one morning (go figure, you can't see it). The blue dress and skirt took about two days to make, and thank you to my wonderful fiance who created the pattern for the skirt... it is perfect Phi. Finally, the wings were done in about an hour and a half at the hotel on Friday... all with hot glue and electrical tape. Most people never even knew!


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Series Rozen Maiden
Character Suigintou


meowmix Is this costume for sale? Will it ever be?