Bianchi (ビアンキ)




I had fun fun fun cosplaying Bianchi.

She wears casuals, so it was not hard to plan her wardrobe for the event my awesome friends and me wore Reborn! cosplays to.

Except that my brain can't function freedom too well, so i was more heavily inspired by the clothes she wore on the cover of the Reborn! manga book 6.

She is an incredibly sexy character; full lips, crazy bosoms and a passionate sense of loyalty to Reborn. Eeeee....I find it hard to pose like her, so I made her poison cooking cake for posing purposes.

For her clothes; more conservative set of tops, accessories not enough but still ok, and her pants of doom. I spent the most money getting the patches for the pants @[email protected];;

I think everyone else had fun with the cake, haha! IReborn! is an incredibly fun series to cosplay especially when you have a big group together, there is alot of crack in it.


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Series Reborn!
Character Bianchi (ビアンキ)
Variant Manga


Erza232 Hi, how are you? Mi name is Erza... I love so much your Bianchi's cosplay... This year I wanna do this same cosplay... Can I ask you a question?? how do you create the poison cake?? Thank you so much XXX P.D: Sorry my Inglish is pathetic ^^''