AkaneSaotome as Mari Illustrious Makinami

Mari Illustrious Makinami

Neon Genesis Evangelion

School Uniform

Cosplayer: AkaneSaotome
The wig is styled by me and is a special dye lot. Its suppose to be 130 red auburn, but there was a bit of a mix up from the manufacturer, so it became more purple dark brown. It was perfect for me, but sadly I won't find it again if it needs to be replaced.

The blouse is made out of a stretch white poplin. Its very soft, seams are serged. The patch was also handmade with cotton, and black satin sitching around edges. It was then steam a seamed onto the shirt. Tie was made by hand using leftover cotton from the tie. I made up my own pattern. It has a velcro closure on the back so I don't have to keep redoing it.

Skirt is made from a rust colored cotton, then the plaid was handpainted. The thick lines were airbrushed on, and the lt purple and dark blue was handpainted using painters tape as guidlines. I had to make my own plaid for the fact that there was nothing even close. Then it was pleated and hemmed.

Tights. glasses and shoes were bought along with the headband. The nodes themselves were handmade from sculpey, then painted. I'm halfway in the process of replacing them with resin casted ones.