ARWEN - Green Dress

The Lord of the Rings



Ooops... I did it again. I made mistakes. I can not calculate the pattern so the dress in front is to high ;P It supposed to be almost off shoulder T.T

My concept foto for Arwen is JRR Tolkien - The Lord of The Ring's illustration book but well...I'm not good enough for editing ;P the book Arwen have dark grey eyes but in the movie - Arwen have blue eyes ^___^
Before I read LOTR, I read Sillmarillion first ;P

I made Arwen's green costume because I'm curious. To me, sewing is puzzle's game. Gathering the pieces together.

I use 10 meters green cloth and still not enough cloth. So I have to make the dress shorter. The Sleeves supposed to be 1/2 circle, but I was running out the cloth, It only fit to one sleeves. So I had to divided in two and make the sleeves shorter T.T

The Brocade was from cloth that I bought for Elisabeth Swann Wedding dress's stomacher ;P

Total hours to Make = 32 hours. I Love sewing with hand.
From Sunday Morning (16 hours) - I make the pattern, cutting the cloth, Monday and Tuesday each 8 hours. I must working so, usually I get up in 5 in the morning, sewing it with hand. Then I prepared for work. After I got home, I sewing it with hand again from 8 at night till 1 in the morning.

I'm not putting beads. Not yet...I must sleep first.

Finally I made my self Arwen's butterfly crown.Thanks to alleyscratch for the drawings.

I'll made the crown in brutal way ;P
I'm not black smith so I can't forge iron into a crown. But I can make the crown form Iron wire, UHU glue, silver paper, and hard cloth for stiffing the collar.
My fingers got bruise because of iron wire. It's so hard to make the iron wire bend!

(Insya Allah - if GOD permit me, I want to wear it for Japan - Matsuri - July 4th 2010 in Blok M ^^b
Wish me luck) = Alhamdulillah I did it ^^ The festival was past but it is so fun ^^ I met all my fellow cosplayer in there ^^v
Soon I will upload my pictures from my friends camera ^^

PS: I learn how to made the dress and crown from here:

and how to make pattern from here:

I never learn sewing properly. I just learn them from internet and by doing trial and error ^^v

I just read in internet how to sewing, saw the dress that I falling in love with, and just do it ^^v

I don't know how to put zipper, not yet. So basically I use sticker cloth to replace zipper.
I never like sewing machine ;P
I love sewing with hand ^^v


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Series The Lord of the Rings
Character ARWEN - Green Dress
Variant I make it shorter because I run out of the cloth. I use 10 meters of cloth, it s


Narnian Your cosplay is beautiful even if it isn't perfect.

YuKa_CuTE wah.. sama dunk kak.. aku juga lebih seneng jahit pake tangan. akhir2 ini sering jahit kostum sendiri... untungnya uda mesin jahit kecil si (yang modelnya kayak streples itu loh) jadi agak lumayan bisa mempersingkat waktu ^^ aku suka mahkotanya?? bikinnya gimana kak??

silent_dreaming Beautiful!

EgnirysFaye Lovely cosplay :)