FlautistDrop as lenalee lee

lenalee lee


2nd uniform

Cosplayer: FlautistDrop
I actually bought this costume and thus it is the first costume I have bought. Was just way too lazy to make it. Plus I was already making Ivan at the time and didn't want two costumes on my plate in addition to the buttload of college work I had to do.

Costume is super high-quality and comfy! Looks as if it was made out of black pleather.

The boots were basically thigh-high black socks plus some shoes that I had. I plan on making boot covers for her activated innocence. Just, not now.

The pigtails were actually my own hair + extensions that I bought off of amphigory. Extensions were the drawstring/comb type. Thinned extensions with thinning shears and took out like half the hair in them. I plan on making her hair ties soon. Hair ties will probably be made out of craft foam, elastic string, and beads.

Leather gloves are actually my mom's. Borrowed them from her for this shoot.

Wore it at Fanime 2010. Not sure if it's coming back for Fanime 2011.

A special thanks to BlizzardTerrak for the amazing photos!