Thalassa Gramarye

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

@Thia Fayne


This thing was a labor of love, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out!! @[email protected];; It was so much fun cosplaying the Gramarye Troupe with my Zak and Valant.

Oh god I promise I will update with photos soon


There are no photos in this costume yet.

@Thia Fayne
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Series Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Character Thalassa Gramarye


HeavenSealed Ahh, you're so pretty...! oAo I'm pretty sure I've seen pictures of you and your Troupe around the internet, and I'm so jealous that you guys were able to pull it off! The Troupe Gramarye is kind of a dream cosplay of mine, and you guys did an amazing job~~ ouo