Final Fantasy XII



(just sent this in a PM and thought the info could be helpful to someone else)

Craft foam (aka fun foam or foammies) is like one of GODS many gifts to this lie.
You can buy it in most craftstores like Joanns, michael's and even in some wal-marts. They come in different gauges. The standard is 0.2mm (comes in sheets and rolls. It is thin and tears easy if not re-enforced). 0.3mm comes in decent sized sheets (flexible and not as easy to tear) and 0.6mm comes in small 8x10 sheets (very thick, not very flexible and difficult to tear).

I used the 0.2mm since it was the cheapest & is sold in rolls. Now that I have a little bit more knowlege about craftfoam (thanks to Jania Solo's craftfoam panel at Phoenix Comic-con), i'd recommend using the 0.3mm to give you more durability and stability.

For the detailing I cheated and used 3-D Fabric paint instead of cutting each piece out of craft foam. Then after the fabric paint dried, I painted the whole piece of armor with black acrylic paint.

A Few Helpful Links :

*I did a slight re-color on Fran, to break up all the black


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Fran
Variant referenced CG, concept art & my own imagination


Akida Zomg! I am so jealous. You look amazing in this costume. It inspire to see other caramel cosplayer who can find caramel things to dress up as! Love your cosplay! Keep up the good work!

Narakusensei Wow! You're Fran is amazing!!!!

fairuza Loves it!<333 You make an amazing Fran!

Nikko Yume ...did u u just come out my game?!?! lol it looks so cool!! I'm loving this one! :D

Daya ~ Kairi I really liked *-*

SAN_CHAN you look very cool

JadeKat I saw this costume while looking through my Cosmode, and I was like 'I know who she is!! I see her on all the time' haha~

SushiBunnie Are you serious? You're second cosplay? This is AMAZING!! I've seen people with their second cosplay and its not even on the same level as yours!

Evadoll Such a great Fran, it love every part of it!

Hansku wow. This is amazing ;D yay, fran rulez ! She's my fav character ever.

Tomecko This is absolutely amazing! And to tackle Fran's crazy-detailed armor on your second cosplay? I applaud you.

Mitsukichan Wow, this is such in intricate cosplay! It's REALLY great being that it's only your second one ever. I can't wait to see what you can pull off in the future!

forkgirl wow awesome fran!!! the shoes are so cool! :D great job!

maybemelancholy has anyone ever told you that this costume is friggin HOT.

CosmosFox This maybe a little late but heres a link with great reference pics with very accurate designs for Fran's outfit. It's a lifesaver for me since I've started constructing my cosplay for Fran for NekoCon. Here's the link:

Progeny Looks awesome so far!

roddz Now this will definitely be something. =D

Hyacinth This looks awesome!

thetollofdeath I definitly love your shoes. I can't wait to see it when it's done!