Nara Shikamaru





Heck, I like this guy!
I did the cosplay for our Naruto-group and it was very funny wearing it with all the people XD
Of course the costume's selfmade :P
This stupid vest took me forever! Especially this damn bead. I had to handstitch it at the end ('cause after 3 trials to sew it whit the sewing machine I had enough X'D)
The Konoha-symbol on the arm is made of a redbull can XD A simple and cheep way to thinker also this ninja-headbands.
Well, it's one of my first cosplay-costumes (ooold!) and one of the last I did with my own hair (wigs ftw!). I pretty like it, even if I think, Shika doesn't fit me really. :P


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Series Naruto
Character Nara Shikamaru
Variant Shippuuden


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